Lirik Makrifat Cinta OST Duniawi


Engkaulah segalanya
Rintangan tetapku menghargainya

Ku hamba yang lemah
Ulang setiap masa
Aku tewas

Kuatkan hati
Semangat diri
Iman di dada

Now The world is mine
Makrifat cinta
From darkness to light
Now its time to shine

I got dreams
Starting with me
I believe
that the blind will see

We got take
a note and try to get to
where we going at
we keep taking so much

its time to give back
i remember trying to make it like
out of the box

Like i was trapped and
had to get out
like a millionaire

The world has not been
kind to me
but i’m a make it
i’m a take it

so the blind will see
so the blind will see

can you feel the echo
wherever you be
We gonna let you know

it’s like i’ll be doing this
alone for y’all
united we stand
divided we fall

Mencari jalan yang benar
Hayati hidup yang tenang
Beri terbaik dalam hidup

Hanya berserah Maha Esa
Mind of millionaire
1 in a million
and million in 1

Here i come
Here i come

Hatiku yang murni
Makrifat Cintanya
Ku Hamba yang lemah
Ulang setiap masa
Aku tewas

I hear you calling me (calling me)
Got me feeling like
It’s meant to be

a blessing of eternity
wonder what it’s gonna
take for you and me

To make a difference
When i’m kicking it feeling it
When i’m living it
The only way that
i see that we survive
is imminent

so what i’m trying to say is
if the world was on fire
you would be my one and only

Let me take it back to
when i almost had nothing (nothing)
you were by my side

Telling me to be something (something)
Makrifat Makrifat
Ha and i can still reminisce
When we started like this

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